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Digital Media Cloud

Holistic Approach towards Digital Publishing

Digital Media Cloud is designed to meet requirement of every agency, brand or an individual who value digital content.

Digital Media Cloud helps you download and host all your social media content on your digital media cloud with the help of Social Media Engine, Social Media 2.0.

Let’s understand more about Social Media Engine, Social Media 2.0

Social Media 2.0 helps in merging all your social media content on your own website, be it text, image or video posts. It helps not only in sharing your recent content but also synchronize your old posts, starting from the very first to last.

All content you’ve shared on your social media platforms are reachable only to the audience in your network, where Social Media 2.0 helps these posts reaching to the audience who are not even your network or not on a given social media platform.

Apart from this, including Social Media 2.0 in your content marketing strategy will boost your search engine rankings. Each of your consolidated social content will have separate page. This will ultimately boost your search engine position and improve your rankings.


All Your Social Media Posts at one Place

Host all your social media content from different platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn on one website, on your own web URL.

You are the Sole Owner of Your Content

So far, you were donating all your content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and in return you’ve gained nothing but a few virtual friends. Be the owner of all your posts using Social Media 2.0– very first to last post on social media platforms.

Enhance Your Search Engine Ranking

Having all your content hosted on your digital media cloud pegged with your own social media URL will add to your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Having said that, each of the posts will have unique page with META tags and this will boost your visibility in search engines.

Easy to Find Old Posts

Not every social media platforms offer easy search option, because most social media platforms were designed and programmed to be a discovering platform and not search platform. And so it makes difficult to search for the post from 2014 or even from the last month especially if you use social media aggressively. We make this search easier for you with our filter and search option. Search through #tags of your

Improve Reach of Digital Content

With the help of Social Media Engine, Social Media 2.0, a user can check all your social media content at one place rather than visiting different Social Media Platforms. And that’s how not just your followers or fans but people across the globe can access to all your digital content, even without being on specific social media platforms.

Who Needs Social Media 2.0

Social Media 2.0 is the next BIG thing in digital era. Social Media 2.0 is for the people who values digital content they share on any platforms. If you are serious about digital content and a web agency owner, hotelier, tech start up, NGO, public figure or an influencer in any field, Social Media 2.0 is everything you are looking for.

Pricing Box

    65,000/year includes

  • Free Upgrades
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Integration
  • Social Media URL Setup
  • 1 Year of Hosting + SSL Certificate
  • Android and iOS Mobile App
Social Media 2.0

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